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Hourly rate £37 per hour
Ten hours block booking £350, £35 per hour

At Chiltern Learners we are not the cheapest driving school in the area and we make no apology for it.

Over the last few years lesson prices have remained pretty much static whilst inflation, which has ripped through the industry, has made lessons 1/3 cheaper in real terms.
Like most established driving schools our prices have hardly changed in this time which means we are unable to compete on price with some 'here today, gone tomorrow' outfits, beware if it seems too good to be true - it probably is!

Clearly this will have an impact on the the value of the service offered to you. By equal measure we are unable to offer cut price starter lessons which have not been costed out properly nor offer guarantees we are unable to keep.

Our lesson rates are simple and straight forward, £35 per hour on a "pay as you go" basis or you can book a block of 10 lessons (hours) for £320 offering a small discount. These rates are guaranteed from when you start and if you maintain your training. Any further increases in costs will therefore be absorbed by the driving school.



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