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What you can expect

What you can expect on your journey of learning to drive;

  • Understanding the controls of the car and there operation.
  • Clutch control, gear changing up and down, moving off and stopping safely, basic safety checks, steering exercises.
  • Simple road junctions, turning left and right and emerging at t-junctions.
  • Turning left and right and T-junctions with anticipation and judgment of other road users. Hill starts are introduced at this stage along with angled starts.
  • Basic roundabouts, mini-roundabouts and pedestrian crossings.
  • Town and urban driving, experiencing different times of day and different volumes of traffic.
  • Meeting traffic, parked vehicles and narrow back roads.
  • Dual Carriageways/ Overtaking and joining /leaving.
  • Night Driving, if possible - depending on time of year.
  • Emergency stop - discussion of factors involved in stopping the car safely.
  • Mirror use. Effective use of mirrors and the MSM routine. A proper structure to your driving is fundamental to safety.
  • Reversing Manoeuvres including turn in the road, left corner reverse, parallel parking - bay parking and pulling over on the right.
  • All-weather driving and basic maintenance. If the opportunity to drive in bad weather has not occurred then this is an opportunity to discuss this along with very basic car maintenance.
  • Route Planning. Following a specific route, usually pupil planned, involving satellite navigation systems and other media related to the practical test.
  • Mock test. Warm-up for the real thing! We have a pre-lesson and test and de-brief after.
  • Driving Test. 1 hour pre-test and the test itself
  • Motorway driving. We offer the Pass Plus course, which is an excellent course and can save you some money on your first car insurance but if this is not for you we offer a dedicated motorway session to give you some first-hand experience before setting off around the M25 on your own!



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